This series is all shot on a smart-phone to evoke a sense of self-responsibility. Would I have been able to take these images so candidly if the subjects had not been focusing on their phones and therefore, oblivious to my approach? Who knows if "you" were simply zoning out or researching, listening to something interesting or looking at images created by people such as myself on some kind of social media platform? In this way, are we in turn, more or less connected? Am I complicit to what I see? Spot the image that features a man with a stressed out expression on the phone where people around are walking by without seeing him? Would it make any difference to our awareness of our surrounding if we were not focusing on the whatever whoever whenever and wherever sourced by our smartphones? Where is the divide between distance and intimacy?  Or as with all instruments, it is up to us and if we do not learn to manage the things that we create, they would create a different us?

Kristin ManArtist, Visual & VErbal

Kristin Man|| All rights reserved.


Modern Telepathy