My life and my art traverse inside-out and outside-in. I imagine that I am from the planet of Venus and have recently relocated back to Vancouver from other continents. Challenging man-made boundaries, respecting diversity and celebrating oneness are important to me.   Globalisation, migration, anthropocene and  consumerism among many common human issues have generated questions regarding our identity as individuals and in relation to other human beings as well as our environment.


To tell my story, I would like to highlight three key projects:

“Fragments of Grey Matter”, “9_9” which are projects released as books and exhibitions and my ongoing project “A-MARE”. Though works of "A-MARE" had been shown in Spain in 2018 and Italy in 2019-2020, at the group show (25 July - 20 Nov 2020) in Vancouver, you could see new works such as "When Vesuvius Rises in Vancouver" and "Tribute to Zong!" from the seriesPlease see the specific tab A-MARE.


Fragments of Grey Matter”, set in Singapore, examines the notion of beauty in a not-so-aesthetic environment with a self-transformed perspective, “9_9”, set in Italy, examines the multi-layered questions of identity and reality through meeting with other artists and expressing "our" collaboration in our double self-portraits.  I learnt that exploring sense of belonging in a foreign country is perhaps best done via creating communities. 

Through hand-weaving and sculpting of my photographic images taken around the world, Project “A-MARE”  ("amare" means "to love", "al mare" means "to the sea") seeks to integrate what maybe our life source and our un_consciousness—just like the fluid nature of our oceans that rises above boundaries.  It is a meditative journey towards our roots, perhaps, towards our shared humanity--the good, the bad and the ugly. 


Overall, I think of myself as still growing up. I invite viewers of my work to ask questions and be Artists in Life. 




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