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Courtesy of Museum of Anthropology at UBC, recording of my presentation without Q&A:


Kristin Man is a visual artist and writer who imagines that she is from the planet of Venus. In real life, she is Hong Kong born, has lived in the UK and the US, and has relocated back to Vancouver from Italy.


Challenging unauthentic boundaries, respecting diversity and celebrating oneness are important to her. Globalisation, migration, anthropocene and consumerism among many common human issues have generated questions regarding our identity as individuals and in relation to other human beings as well as our environment.


Kristin will cover the theme of “relational identity” largely through three projects of hers in this talk:

1) ”Fragments of Grey Matter"  - a search of beauty in the “not-so-aesthetic” in Singapore (her first published monograph, winner of Tokyo Type Director's Club prize in 2014).  


2) ”9_9 "  - dual self portraits with fellow artists in Italy  (published by Skira, presented all over Italy including Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art Napoli and exhibited several times including PAN Palazzo delle Arti Napoli)


3) “A-MARE” - to love | to sea - everywhere (exhibited so far in Spain, Italy and Vancouver, solo show scheduled for this Fall)


We invite you to join us to explore our sense of identity through Kristin’s photographic relationships.
Kristin Man is wearing her own printed scarf and with the background by the tapestry created both based on the same unique 3-d hand-woven piece titled "Oppositional Complements" and rose-gold brooch of the A-MARE symbol.

To access this talk that took place on 24 Feb 2021:


Feb 24, 2021 @2pm Pacific Time Dr Sun Yat Sen Garden Seminar, "Is Identity Relational?"

Burnaby Arts Council Show article on A-MARE:  Kristin Man: A holistic approach to art

Seminar talk - Museum of Anthropology at UBC:

Tue-Sat: 12-6pm, Canton-sardine,

Unit 071, 268 Keefer Street, Vancouver


Kristin ManInterdisciplinary Artist

Back to Venus: dance jam Kristin Man & Sammy Chien (installation collaborators)


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