I work in the world, imagine that I am from the planet of Venus and have recently relocated back to    Vancouver from Europe. 

Fragments of Grey Matter in 2013-14 and  then 9_9    in May 2017 are projects released as books and exhibitions. My current project  A-mare continues to explore the concept of relational identity through a different aesthetic form.  I think of the world as a connected microcosm and macrocosm.  Challenging  boundaries and reality, respecting diversity and celebrating   oneness are important  to me as a  human being and therefore as an artist.   Life has been about external and internal journeys and their relationships.


Being an artist is a  privilege and being one bears a responsibility.

​Globalisation, migration and  consumerism among many common human issues have generated   questions   regarding our identity as individuals and in relation to the others.

Following Fragments of Grey Matter which examines the notion of beauty in a not-so-aesthetic environment   with a self-transformed perspective, 9_9 examines the  multi-layered   questions of   identity and  reality   through relating with other artists and expressing "our" identity through our shared self-portraits.   The "dual self-portrait" is a symbol of our collective search   for  our unique  voice.   Exploring sense of belonging  is perhaps best done via creating communities.


Project A-mare    ("to love, to sea") integrates the essence of what maybe our life source, our oceans which are fluid, our mothers of sorts and of our unconsciousness.  It is a celebration of living in diversity  and a journey towards  our roots,   perhaps, towards our shared humanity--the good bad and ugly.


Overall, Art has become a tool, an  experience as well as a visual presentation  

which serves  as   a source of inspiration for many.   I invite viewers of my work to ask questions and construct their own.


We can all  be Artists in Life.


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11 July-31 Aug 2019, "Her Ground" at Flowers Gallery London https://www.flowersgallery.com/exhibitions/view/her-ground-women-photograph-the-landscape

Newly added webpage "Arches in Italy", images made over a decade--click on tab on the left.

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