Originally from Hong Kong, I have lived in Asia, Europe and North America before working

on 9_9 which is a three-year long project leading to its publication in Italy.

Life has been about the place without but even more about the space within.

I seek adventure in the ordinary and simplicity in the extraordinary.

Art helps everyone. Being an artist is a privilege and being one bears a responsibility.

​Globalisation, migration and consumerism among many common human issues have generated questions 

regarding our identity as individuals and in relation to the others.

Following Fragments of Grey Matter, 9_9 is a sequel attempt in examining the multi-layered 

questions of identity and reality through relating with other artists and expressing

"our" identity through our shared self-portraits.

It is a symbolic expression of our collective search for our unique voice in a shared humanity.

It is a celebration of living in diversity and a journey towards

our roots, a sense of belonging via community-building.

Art has become a tool, a shared experience as well as a visual result

which can then be a source of inspiration for many.

I invite viewers of my work to ask questions and construct their own.


We can all be Artists in Life.


Without borders - contact me: kman01@gsb.columbia.edu


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Kristin ManVisual Artist